Solution Providers

Do you want to access information security executives from the among the largest financial services companies in the world, while helping to strengthen the global financial infrastructure?

Supporting FS-ISAC is an important step in making the industry stronger and safer against threats posed by terrorism and other malicious physical and cyber threats.

Being associated with FS-ISAC through our events, Affiliate programs or other activities will support the financial services sector and position you as a thought leader and trusted advisor.

FS-ISAC is a non-profit organization that is owned and run by its members – the CISOs, IT Risk department heads and others from nearly 7,000 financial services firms including the largest banks, insurers, payment processors, brokerage firms, credit unions, hedge funds, private equity and MSSPs. Our members, as owners, are actively engaged in policy, programs and decisions.

Getting involved in FS-ISAC is one of the best ways your firm can help protect our industry and the vital role it plays in the now global critical financial services infrastructure.

Solution Provider Opportunities

FS-ISAC provides numerous opportunities and formats for product and service providers to connect with our members. We have chosen this particular mix of offerings based on demonstrated past success and member input on how they would like to engage with solution providers.

Solution Providers have the opportunity to reach FS-ISAC members through the following programs:

  • Affiliate Program – Demonstrate your long-term commitment to the financial services sector
  • Event & Workshop Sponsorships – Discuss challenges, exchange ideas and strategies to overcome the recent threats in the industry
  • Summits - FS-ISAC Summits bring together the world's largest financial services firms

In addition to the above programs, we’re always open to your ideas for new or customized programs and activities. To discuss how we might enhance our programs with something that’s uniquely yours, please contact us at