Regional Payment Event Sponsorship

Partner Events with Regional Payments Associations

Please note all events and workshop opportunities are available to Affiliates only, view more information on the Affiliate Program.

Electronic service delivery is used by most financial institutions to deliver payment information and originate payment transactions. FS-ISAC partners with ACH regional payment associations to conduct workshops to help financial institution managers keep up to date about risk and risk mitigation techniques to protect their payments.

Sponsorship allows your company to make a 30-minute presentation. The attendees are eager to learn about risk mitigation, and you will be able to listen to their discussion during the FS-ISAC presentation and interact with them during the six-hour workshop.

In addition, significant time is always allocated for networking and building relationships. You will be able to fully participate in the workshop, listen to attendees’ questions and comments, and interact with them throughout the six-hour workshop.

The content of these workshops is dynamic, adapting to the changing threats and to the new risk mitigation technologies and services. Past workshops have included cyber threats, mobile banking, money mules, a layered approach to risk mitigation, legal & compliance update and numerous case studies.

There is a short exercise to simulate an attack against a financial institution and its online customers. This allows the managers to explore the preparedness of their respective financial institutions.


Three Sponsors are available per Payments Event.  Please see the list of benefits below:

  • Number of Attendees: 40-60 executives and managers
  • Titles include: CISO, Head of IT Risk, Treasury Management, Online Banking, Risk Management, Check Operations, ACH options, Wire Transfer Operations, Compliance and Legal
  • Size of Financial Institution: The asset size of the financial institution is typically $200 million and go up to multi-billion dollar regional banks

Cost: Complimentary to current Affiliates only. Presentation must be pre-approved. Three sponsors per event.


Topic Themes Include:
-Cyber-Crime, Threats and Risk Mitigation Techniques
-Electronic Crimes & United States Secret Service
-Account Takeover Simulation and Exercise
-Legal and Compliance Considerations
-A Review of Risk Mitigation Techniques

2017 Upcoming Events To Be Announced!

In Order to Participate:

To participate in the call for speakers please email the name of the event, your proposed presentation title (must go along with workshop topics), presentation abstract, speaker biography and full marketing contact information to Those that are selected to present agree to sponsor and have secured the appropriate funds.